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Welcome the Deer Park Dharmacast. Dharma Flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
We're happy to kick of our Summer Love Letters project with a love note from our listener, Liesa.  These are her words of love:
The sound of the bell and the sound of the monastics' voices on the Dharmacast remind me of the lotus garden at Solidity Hamlet. It reminds me of the solidity I feel at Deer Park, and how that solidity supports my practice. 
If you would love to share a love note to the monastics of the Deer Park, you can reach us at our email or Facebook page.
This week's talk is given by Sister Quynh Nghiem at a recent retreat. She shares her own childhood experiences and observations of families around her. With mindfulness, she sees that true quality of life is not found through wealth or comfort but with time and peace of mind. She tells a story of a king who seeks answers to three questions, the first being, "What is the most important time?"  Tune in next week for the answers to the last two questions.
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