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Nov 22, 2010

Dear Friends

The 3-month Winter Rains Retreat began today at Deer Park.  Also, today this course on the Fourteen Verses on Meditation course held its first class.  A group of around 30 people have joined together to be taught by Thay Phap Hai, Thay Phap Ho, and Su Co Bich Nghiem and we have all committed to following the course during the coming 14 weeks. We hope that you will join us online.  In this way you can join us in our study, reflection and practice when and where it is suitable for you.  The text material for the respective classes and the outline of the course can be found on this website under Teachings, Fourteen Verses on Meditation here: or go to

First Verse on Meditation: Just as a bird has two wings, the practice of meditation has "stopping" and "deep looking." The two wings depend on each other.  Stopping and deep looking go in tandem.

The Podcast team will do our best to put the recording online as soon as we can after the class.  Because we want to keep up with the class, these podcasts will not have the usual introductions so we hope that is acceptable.   

May we all enjoy our stopping and looking together during this winter reflection time.


over ten years ago

I'm a few years late but just wanted to let you know I have been doing this rains retreat on my own the last three weeks. Tomorrow marks the beginning of week four. I am finding it a very rich experience and am extremely grateful that you have shared these resources with us. It would have been lovely to participate in the blog as well, but perhaps another year that opportunity will come again. Meanwhile, many thanks.

martin whelan
thirteen and a half years ago

Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to practice with you all the way from ireland.
love martin