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Jul 25, 2014

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast - Dharma Flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
Today we share the the last talk of the recent Wake Up retreat for young adults.  Sister Thuan Nghiem looks back on the retreat to find practices that retreatants can take home.  She shares that even strong spiritual...

Jul 18, 2014

Dear friends,
Today, we share with you a small taste of retreat at Deer Park Monastery.  Sister Man Nghiem and Brother Phap Hai give a short introduction to life at the monastery for new retreatants. She shares about connecting with others while sharing rooms and connecting with ourselves during the practice of...

Jul 11, 2014

Dear friends,
Today we share the second half of a talk given by Brother Man Tue before the Five Mindfulness Trainings ceremony at Deer Park.  Our brother focuses on how our senses play an integral role in the Fourth and Fifth Mindfulness Trainings.  He encourages us to place our mindfulness between our senses and...