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Archived: The Four Immeasurable Minds and the Four Mantras

Jan 31, 2015

The Dharmacast is taking a day off!  Enjoy this archived talk from Fall 2014, where Sister Kinh Nghiem connects the Four Immeasurable Minds and the Four Mantras.


Jan 25, 2015

Dear friends,
Today we share the Question and Answer session from the Holiday Retreat at Deer Park Monastery. Brother Phap De leads the group of monastics and lay friends in exploring questions about our practice. Looking deeply, we see how the practice can permeate all aspects of our lives and guide us to...

Jan 18, 2015

Dear friends,
Today we share a talk given by Brother Phap Ho on the first day of this new year. The theme of the talk is virtue, which our brother frames as "the act of living up to one's potential." He shares specifically on The Three Virtues: cutting through afflictions, love, and insight. May you be inspired to...

Jan 10, 2015

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast.  Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
Today we share with you a dharma talk given by Brother Phap Hai at the end of 2014. He shares with us the sutra, The Fruits of the Contemplative Life. Our brother encourages us to pause and consider the nature of our...

Jan 3, 2015

Dear friends,
Today, we continue Sister Mai Nghiem's talk on our inner hungry ghost. Our sister shares on the beauty of taking refuge and accepting things as they are: our community before it is perfect, the Buddha in us with the hungry ghost in us, the lotus and the mud. 
Remember, you can always find the Deer...