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Nov 1, 2006

Dear Friends,

This week's edition of the Dharmacast includes an introduction to the practice of walking meditation offered by Sister Chau Nghiem (Jewel) and a session of evening chanting led by Br. Phap Khoi. Br. Phap De hosts this Halloween broadcast.

May you touch peace and solidity with each step.

Adrienne Samson
seventeen and a half years ago

Many thanks and smiles to the Sisters and Brothers - and any one else that has worked towards getting this podcast up and running. How wonderful to keep connected to Deer Park and the Dharma in such a close and intimate way. I know that it will contribute to peace and solidity for all who hear it.

Shammy Dingus
seventeen and a half years ago

I am so appreciative of your new podcast. It is hard to be so far away (in Hawaii) and without much of a sangha to practice with. The podcasts are very helpful.