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Feb 27, 2009

Dear Friends

Thích Phước Tịnh, known to the Sangha as the Venerable, here offers a wonderful and direct talk on living deeply as a human being, going inward to find deep meaning in your life, and so transcending happiness and suffering, fortune and misfortune. This dharma talk was offered for Tet, the Vietnamese lunar new year, and leads us toward renewal in our life and in our practice.  We offer a deep bow of gratitude to Sister Dang Nghiem for offering a wonderful translation of this talk. 

We are delighted to announce that for the first time the Venerable’s dharma talks are available in a book. Be Like a Tree, Zen Talks by Thích Phước Tịnh is a collection of the Venerable’s uniquely practical and inspiring talks, helping us in our practice with non-fear, recognizing our thoughts and feelings, creating space in our lives, loving and being loved, cultivating our spirituality, and tasting the enjoyment of our own lives. The talks were compiled by Order if Interbeing member Karen Hilsberg, and the book is available at and  

Please enjoy these offerings, and may there be renewal in your every mindful breath.

Khuong Ho
over fifteen years ago

When I first discovered Escondido Deer Park monastery 6 weeks ago, I was greeted with a wonderful \"living deeply Dharma Talk\" (in Vietnamese language) from Thay Thich Phuoc Thinh and now again with a tranlated version narrated by Sister Dang Nghiem on line. I feel blessed and grateful. As I listened to the song \"Happiness is here and now\", I could not help but added a little bit more lyrics to the song to capture what I have learned and to serve as a reminder for me to practice mindful living and remember the essence of the Dharma talk. And the following is how I sing at home, while driving, or when I feel unrested:

Happiness is here and now. I have dropped my worries. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. No longer in a hurry.
Happiness is here and now. I have dropped my worries. Somewhere to go. Something to do. But not in a hurry.
Let life flow through all seasons. And I live in harmony. Calm in my walk. Peace in my heart. Be mindful in all I do.

Ngoc Bich Huynh
over fifteen years ago

Much deeply appreciated if this talk in Vietnamese language can be posted for downloading

With respect

over fifteen years ago

A reader of thich nhat hanh\'s books... what a wonderful talk. Sister Dang Nghiem has a wonderful calm voice and she is very easy to listen to. Thank you!