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May 26, 2013

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast -- the podcast that puts the Dharma in your pocket.

Deer Park recently hosted a People of Color retreat.  Part of the retreat was a question and answer session where retreatants were invited to ask questions from the heart to a panel of laywomen, laymen, monks and nuns.  Today, we offer you an excerpt of the question and answer session.

Perhaps you have asked yourself these questions at one point in time?

-- How can we share the importance and need for dedicated People of Color or Wake Up (young adult) retreats?

-- How do we practice when the people around us are not practicing?

-- What can we do to stop ourselves from speaking out of anger?

We hope you enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

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almost eleven years ago

Excuse some of the audio issues with this podcast. Audio editing should improve steadily with each release. Thanks for your patience!