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Mar 28, 2015

Dear friends,
Today we share a talk by Sister Tuong Nghiem and translated by Sister Tinh Nghiem.  As a young monastic, our sister remembers that it was not easy for her to practice mindfulness in midst of difficulties. She shares conversations she had with Thay when she felt overwhelmed and her own insights into how we can stop, breathe, and see our difficulties clearly. It is not always easy; and that is ok. 
Also from the online sangha this week,we invite you to join an online, televised panel discussion about Sister D's new book, Mindfulness as Medicine.  I'll be talking with Jason Kim from Parallax Press and Nadia Coburn from Anchor Magazine.  You can write in questions for us live during the one-hour program, Tuesday at 9am Pacific. Or of course, watch it online later. To connect, go to  We'll see you there!
Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.