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Feb 9, 2011

Dear Friends

We are so happy and thankful to Thay Phap Hai for this beautiful teaching.  The readings are also a wonderful reminder how much all of us non-monastics owe Anathapindika.  He is the one who, on his deathbed, shared with the sangha that us laypeople could understand the deep teachings of the dharma.  Let us live in such a way as to be worthy of his confidence.

Verse 10:


Nirvana is non-attainment

Sudden or gradual enlightenment are not different.

True realization is to live in freedom

right now in this moment.


Reflection Questions:

1) Do I notice times when I feel the need to be right? How does this manifest in thought, word and action?

2) What situations do I notice more of a push to be right, or to prove my point? How does this feel in my body? In my mind?

3) If I can sit with that experience, am I able to discover anything underneath?


Readings:  Discourse on Teachings to be Given to the Sick

nine and a half years ago

Brother Phap Ho mentions readings he will post on the blog. could you tell me how to find them?

Yoshihiro Kinukawa
over thirteen years ago

Dear Thay

Thank you very much for your teaching!
I am trying to find my answers for the three questions.
And the sutra is very moving. I like Ven. Ananda's warm kindness.

With palms together,
Yoshihiro Kinukawa