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Nov 29, 2010

Dear Friends

What a great fortune to have been born a human, to be in harmony with others, and to have a chance to take this wonderful course!  The second session is offered to us by Thay Phap Hai and is rich with insights into our beautiful practice.

The Second Verse:

Stopping (Shamatha) means to be still

In order to recognize, to be in contact,

To nourish, to heal,

To calm, to soothe, and to refocus the mind.

Thay offers us a guided meditation, an introduction to the five hindrances, and three means to plunge ourselves into the cool water of the present moment.

The reading materials for this class are available on the Deer Park Monastery website at

May all enjoy calm abiding in the present moment during the week ahead.
thirteen and a half years ago

Hi Trish
I'm not sure what to do about that, but I'll look into it. We are so glad you are listening..and stopping...with us here too.

Trish Palmer
thirteen and a half years ago

ps. forgot to say, many thanks for all the notes, which I have printed off, but I just wondered if there is any way I can also print off your intro notes from the dharmacast page - I have done this in the past but the current ones are just blank when I try to print them. Trish

Trish Palmer
thirteen and a half years ago

Hello there - thank you so much for giving us the chance to share these teachings with you online, it is a great joy and very much appreciated - Trish, Wiltshire UK