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Dec 20, 2010

Dear Friends

Tonight's wonderful class provides many insights into why we meditate and how we can better be masters of our own practice.  Here is the link for the materials

Verse 5:

To calm, to relax the body and mind.

To nourish, to heal, 

to protect the 6 senses,

and to maintain right concentration.

This week's homework also includes the wonderful, restful practice of Deep Relaxation--perfect for those of you entering the holidays....what a gift for yourself and the ones you love!

May you and your family be well. 

over thirteen years ago

Try this link and see if it works

Leslie Rawls
over thirteen years ago

I'm very happy for this study and for the chance to share it. The North Carolina prison Sangha is joining the Deer Park practitioners from afar. Unfortunately, the materials are not available where indicated on the website. Kenley sent me the first two weeks, but I'm wondering if someone could either fix the posting or email me the rest of the material.

A lotus for you,
Leslie Rawls
True Realm of Enlightenment