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Sep 17, 2006

Did we keep you waiting?  Here is the 2nd installment of the Soul of Gratitude retreat: the practice of Touching the Earth. Brother Larry Ward gives the introduction, and he is joined in the readings by Brother Phap Khoi (right), Sister Chau Nghiem (Jewel) and Sister Susan. This show is hosted by Brother Phap Ho.

Friend of DP,
Michael Nguyen

Mike Guerena
almost eighteen years ago

One of the original ideas when we first envisioned the Deer Park podcasts was to create an online dharma discussion on each of the dharma talks. This would help those of us who are too busy or far from the Sangha to keep up with our practice. I would like to see others participate on the comment section of each of the podcast postings.

You can publish your reflections. impressions, questions, insights, etc and create a dharma discussion that will create a new layer of awareness for all of us. I am looking forward to bringing this to fruition and hope others will join in.

Laura Hunter
almost eighteen years ago

This is a wonderful podcast. I love that it brings the practice in a way that helps us be home at home :-). I agree with Mike G. that this would be a nice place to have a dialog. Thanks again to all the Brothers and Sisters who created this dharmacast. I know that many people will enjoy it.

almost eighteen years ago

Hello Deer Park Monastics! I was at the Sept Soul of Gratitude retreat for people of color, and I\'m thrilled to have come across this resource! Thank you thank you.