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May 29, 2015

Dear friends,
Today, we finish a talk by Sister Truc Nghiem and translated by Sister Bach Nghiem. Our sister shares her experience with her aging body and specifically the poignant experience of seeing her own heart beating. Seeing our situations clearly is a tremendous gift and a continuous practice. 
Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.  

over nine years ago

Dear Sister Truc Nghiem
your sharing of the heart is so close to my life. I had many loving family members with hearth problems. And they needed surgery or lifelong treatment or both. All them with their wounded heart generate so many joy for others and did so much with their jobs and service. However they did not manage or knew how to let go or deal with other type of suffering. I am grateful that i do have a healthy organ, but the energy of running away from me has been such a strong double arrow in my life that i jeopardized my dreams. Quite slowly and without stopping i am learning ways to come back to myself, to my breathing.
Many thanks, in gratitude
Sangha de la Yerba Mate, Irlanda