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Sep 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

The situation at Bat Nha Monastery has reached an apex in the past 24 hours. One hundred policemen have shown up at Bat Nha Monastery. Three of our brothers, Phap Hoi, Phap Tu and Phap Sy have been taken and have not been seen. The rest of the monastics have been pulled out into the rain, and are apparently waiting for a truck to bring them away--where we don't know. Please practice to send your energy of peace and support. Your help now is more urgent than ever. If any of you can help in any way, especially those who might be present in Vietnam, thank you. Let the Bodhisattvas protect our young brothers and sisters.

We are trying to keep the latest information posted at

With palms joined,
The Monks and Nuns of Deer Park Monastery

Andrew W. Harrell
almost fifteen years ago

prayers are being posted today for you
We are praying for help and salvation (especially for brothers Phap Hoi, Phap Tu, Phap Sy , may the voice of the human rights protect you and save you in Vietnam who need the help of the Boddhisattwa Avalokeshara. May the conflict there be resolved peacefully. Also, may God and Jesus Christ and his helper Andrew who knows that you are working for and praying for peace for all of us for a long time give you peace, faith, courage, and the power of the Holy Spirit to protect and defend you.